Understanding Social Justice Towards Immigrants: Finnish perspective

Nafisa Yeasmin, Md Waliul Hasanat, Frank Ojwang

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Historical analysis confirms that immigrants are poorly-rated in most societies. Their position in Finland does not seem to be any different compared to other countries, although Finland is ranked globally as the happiest country. Finnish statutory law ensures the legal rights of citizens regardless of their origin; however, immigrants must face a number of challenges caused by a lack of societal recognition from native Finns. The study explains ‘social justice’ from a theoretical point of view, applying the concept of experiences provided by Renault. Additionally, the study determines the key obstacles faced by immigrants in Finland and searches for suitable practical approaches to improve their status in the society. We argue that the historical consequences of the real facts on migration in Finland are that immigrants are struggling to establish their identities, which then leads to a complex phenomenon of understating their social status. We have applied the Renault concept of experiences of injustice to understand immigrants’ social position and its influences on their settlement in Finland. The principles of this research can equally create sense and trust in public and private-public institutions, as well as promote transparency and conscious equitable treatment towards immigrants alongside other minority groups.
JulkaisuCulture crossroads
TilaJulkaistu - 21 jouluk. 2021
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