The impact of winter warming and more frequent icing events on reindeer herder occupational safety, health, and wellbeing

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Background: Northern Finland, like the rest of the Arctic, has experienced
increases in mean annual temperature, the number of winter rains, the number
of thaw–freeze days, the number of extremely warm weather events, and a
shortened snow season. These changes have produced numerous problems for
reindeer herders whose livelihoods rely on a healthy ecosystem with predictable
weather patterns.
Methods: We performed a scoping literature review to assess how climate
change induced extreme weather has negatively impacted reindeer herding as
well as the health and wellbeing of reindeer herders.
Results: Late snow cover negatively impacts reindeer herding through a more
widely dispersed herd that increases the work to gather reindeer, leads to
reduced calf weight, and results in less meat for sale. This increased labor,
especially in extreme cold conditions, can also negatively impact reindeer
herder health. Icing due to thaw–freeze and rain-on-snow events makes it
impossible for reindeer to dig through the snow to access lichens, increasing
the need for reindeer herders to keep the herd in winter enclosures and provide
supplemental feed.
Conclusion: Climate change induced weather events such as late snow cover
and icing increase reindeer herder efforts and expenses, put their livelihood at
risk, and put their health at risk.
JulkaisuAmerican Journal of Human Biology
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