The "Global Arctic" as a new geopolitical context and method

Lassi Kalevi Heininen, Matthias Finger

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This article provides a broader perspective on the “wider” Northern European regions - i.e. the Baltic Sea, North Atlantic and the (European) Arctic - and attempts to disclose both similarities and differences of regional cooperation. The article argues that the changing environmental state of the Arctic might influence the other two international cooperative regions of the Northern Hemisphere in regard to climate - and thus the ecology – as well as transport and security issues. First, the transition from the confrontation of the Cold War period to international cooperation in “wider” northern Europe is assessed. Second, the twofold development of the Arctic due to national policies within, and growing global pressure over, the region is explored. Third, similarities and differences in terms of cooperation patterns involving the three cooperative regions are compared. The arctic argues that interlinkages between the Baltic Sea, North Atlantic, and Arctic regions need to be explored in order to improve cooperation in the entire ‘mega-region’ of the European Arctic.

JulkaisuJournal of Borderlands Studies
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TilaEnnen painatusta julkaistu e-versio - 4 jouluk. 2017
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