Telerehabilitation in the Finnish Outpatient Rehabilitation Setting from the Perspective of the Socio-Technical Systems Theory

Tuija Partanen, Riitta Seppänen-Järvelä, Sinikka Hiekkala, Jari Lindh

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Background: In the development of effective telerehabilitation (TR) interventions, understanding the various characteristics affecting its practice is essential. Remote connection creates a new technically shaped environment for therapy and, therefore, previous therapy methods do not work the same way as before. Objective: The objective of this survey was to describe the practice of TR through the socio-technical theory approach. Methods: The 629 respondents to the online questionnaire included music therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, and neuropsychologists. The materials consisted of five open-ended questions. The analysis combined data-based and theory-based analysis. Results: In the data-based content analysis, we identified three main categories and eight generic categories, whereas in the theory-based, we categorised the main results according to the Fit Between Individuals, Tasks, Technology, and Environment (FITTE) framework dimensions. TR is everyday-life based, it requires shared participation, and the approach has to include coaching and collaboration with the client and their close associates. The everyday-life environment is one of the main dimensions that affect all the other dimensions. Conclusions: TR can be seen as technology-mediated home-based rehabilitation, as it can integrate rehabilitation into the client’s everyday life. In TR, therapy becomes multilateral and it creates a new kind of shared partnership into outpatient therapy.
JulkaisuInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
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TilaJulkaistu - 3 elok. 2023
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