Special Issue "Progress in Human Computer Interaction"

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Humans and computers have had a complex relationship throughout history and our interaction with these systems has been fraught with difficulty. As our computers and mechatronic systems become more sophisticated, our interactions, problems, and solutions to these problems grow in complexity. A myriad of technical, personal, and societal difficulties have given rise to a myriad of solutions and areas of research to address these difficulties, which often give rise to entirely novel solutions and even new fields of research.

The main aim of this Special Issue is to seek high-quality submissions that highlight emerging methods of identifying the nature of human–computer interactions (HCI), quantitatively and qualitatively evaluating the relative risks and merits of these interactions, and studying the possible solutions. This issue especially welcomes papers on the future of both human-centered approaches with consideration of human factors and values, as well as technology-driven contributions with technical papers addressing the recent development of advanced processing techniques (recognition of gestures, speech, emotions, activities, etc.) and interaction techniques (adaptive user interfaces, affective user interfaces, multimodal interaction, tangible and gestural interaction, interaction in virtual and augmented reality environments, etc.).
JulkaisuApplied Sciences
TilaJulkaistu - 2 maaliskuuta 2022
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