Researchers in and beyond higher education

Timo Aarrevaara, Raija Pyykkö

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In this chapter, we examine intra- and cross-profession practices from a blurred bound aries framework. In higher education institutions, research and teaching are tasks of the aca demic profession, and for them the boundary to other professions is clear. On the other hand, work is done extensively in society in processes that blur the border between the academic profession and other related professions. That is, it is not possible to define the professions’ role unambiguously. The research profession operates in core positions in universities, but also in research institutes, public administration, industry and the third sector.
Boundaries between sectors occur between higher education, government, and business enterprises. The role of the private non-profit research sector is minor compared to these three sectors. The career of those in the academic profession is still reached through research and teaching, but management is also based on many external factors such as performance management, institutional contracts with funding agencies and disciplinary or professional practices. In accordance with this premise, work definitions and the use of time are also con structed differently in research institutes built on different principles.
The research profession is a broad group of key professionals from different societies with responsibility for innovation system functions. While these actors combine the highest levels of education, professional practice and regulation in their respective fields, there are also bounda ries between professions. Work is being done on ever-expanding intra- and cross-professional models of collaboration that require professions to cross blurred boundaries.
OtsikkoHandbook on Academic Careers and Managing Academics
ToimittajatCláudia Sofia Sarrico Silva, Maria J. Rosa, Maria Teresa Carvalho
KustantajaEdward Elgar
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TilaJulkaistu - 12 huhtikuuta 2022
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