Record of a multispecies creative exploration in the austral forests

Mariluz Soto Hormazábal, Mauricio Tolosa

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This chapter explores the crossing of borders that separate the human realm from the world of plants, here proposing a community of interaction where cocreation can emerge as a virtuous relationship between the two. Collective creation, from the artistic and design areas, has been a human domain, in which ideas, intellect and language are the main drivers; however, this text records the collective creation inspired by various forms of life, specifically the audio-visual cocreation that emerged in the Chilean Patagonia where the authors and austral forests participated. The making of the film follows an organic flow that occurred without planning and expectations; this surprised the authors at every step, where encounters, coincidences and contributions took place, making it possible for this film to sprout, develop and expand. The arboreal worlds were recorded in the haiku writing and in images, both of which account for the magic and presence of the Patagonian Forest and the dissolution of the boundaries between the humanity and nature duality. Do Apple Trees Dream? is an exploration of the pluriverse in a radical dimension—of the transformation of the human mental universe into a pluriverse as a space shared with other living beings.
OtsikkoArtistic Cartography and Design Explorations Towards the Pluriverse
ToimittajatSatu Miettinen, Enni Mikkonen, Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos, Melanie Sarantou
ISBN (elektroninen)978-1-003-28517-5
ISBN (painettu)978-1-032-24516-4, 978-1-032-25823-2
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TilaJulkaistu - 19 jouluk. 2022
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SarjaRoutledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies


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