Recognition, incentives and courteous treatment of University professions

Kirsi Helena Pulkkinen, Timo Aarrevaara

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A dynamic labour market implies the capacity to increase staff mobility between positions and professions. In order to make best use of the expertise and skills of people, mobility should exist both vertically and horizontally. In universities this option is limited, since the differences in requirements, goals and expectations regarding academics, managers and administrators are deemed obvious. This is reflected in merit systems, recognition practices, incentives and courteous treatment by colleagues and students. This paper examines the relationship between dynamic career prospects, and the views of professionals and their working conditions. The purpose of this paper is to analyse how recognition and incentives are placed in the working environment of universities, and how professionals treat others in a time when dynamism and the development of skills is increasingly demanded.
TilaJulkaistu - 28 elok. 2017
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TapahtumaCHER-konferenssi: ni­ver­si­ties as po­li­tical ins­ti­tutions - HEIs in the midd­le of aca­de­mic, eco­no­mic, and social pres­sures -
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