Promoting Sustainability within the Nordic-Arctic Region’s Food System: Challenges and Trends

Dele Raheem, Anu Holopainen, Jana Koegst, Maija Tulimaa, Moaadh Benkherouf

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The food system has direct impacts on our health both at individual and planetary levels; however, there is a need to make it more sustainable. Many communities in the Nordic-Arctic region are faced with challenges that arise from the need to protect natural resources due to increased activities that are fostered by tourism in the region. In this paper, we explore the interrelated factors that can sustainably support the food system in the region. A better understanding of these associated challenges in a complex food system from production to consumption is required. In order to ensure sustainability in the future, it will be necessary to explore the impacts of food tourism while responding to megatrends in the society. It is important that the natural resources in the communities of this region are better preserved for the next generation. Traditional knowledge and digital solutions can be harnessed to support food security and sovereignty that can empower local communities of the Nordic-Arctic region without compromising their heritage and sustainability.
JulkaisuSustainability (Switzerland)
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TilaJulkaistu - 7 elok. 2022
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