Polar Health Risks: Seafarers’ Rights and Training in International Law

Stefan Kirchner, Susanna Pääkkölä

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Climate change makes the Arctic Ocean an attractive shipping shortcut between East Asia and Europe. While there is a potential for savings (particularly in terms of fuel costs and time), shipping in polar waters brings with it unique dangers. While the IMO’s Polar Code will deal with technical aspects, the human factor appears to be underestimated. This includes the fact that many seafarers, who will travel through Arctic waters, have no prior experience in this geographic area and might not be fully aware of all its particular dangers. Providing some information can go a long way in preventing health damages and making shipping in the Arctic safer. In this text, the authors suggest how preventive measures could be included in the existing system of seafarer training under the STCW Convention.
JulkaisuUniversity of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal (“MLJ”)
TilaJulkaistu - 2016
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