Northern City Dwellers: pohjoinen kaupunkipukeutuminen

Anu Kylmänen (Ohjaaja), Päivi Rautajoki (Ohjaaja)

Tutkimustuotokset: Taiteellinen ja muu ei-tekstimuotoinen muotoNäyttelyItsenäinen taiteellinen teos tai yksityisnäyttelyvertaisarvioitu


The northern climate and urban culture are often in contradiction with each other when it comes to dressing. Many find it challenging to dress appropriately for the weather and climate. Furthermore, the urban lifestyle creates certain challenges for dressing up properly. The changing conditions between the outdoors and indoors, as well as traveling by foot or bicycle, have inspired clothing designers to develop outdoor clothing that would be functional, yet acceptable stylelistically in the urban environment.

During a course called Innovations in the Clothing Industry at the University of Lapland, students designed innovative outdoor cloth- ing. Three of the designs designed during the course were inspired by the clothing challenges northern city dwellers face. On display at the exhibition you will see three solutions for winterwear in an urban environment, produced in collaboration with REDU Education center of Lapland.

The exhibition has been organized by a multidisciplinary team from the university’s Arctic Design Project course. In addition to innova- tive outdoor clothing, on display you will see a piece of filmwork done by Audiovisual Media Culture students.

The aim of the filmwork was to create something that deviates from the traditional way of making fashion films. The most important el- ements in tahe film are the movement and mobility of the clothes. The end result was a film, where the wearer has been extracted from the clothes leaving all the attention to the clothing itself. Parallax Still -pictures and Chroma Key tools were used to produce the film.
Tuotoksen mediaFilmi
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
OKM-julkaisutyyppiF1 Julkinen itsenäinen taiteellinen tuotos tai yksityisnäyttely
TapahtumaNorthern City Dwellers: Arctic Design Week 2019 - Lappia-talon aula, Rovaniemi, Suomi
Kesto: 19 maalisk. 201922 maalisk. 2019


  • Clothing
  • urban culture
  • clothing designer
  • fashion films


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