Naisia Maailman Laidalla (Women living on the Edges of the World): Conversations with the edge

Satu Anneli Miettinen (Taiteilija), Melanie Augusta Chilion Sarantou (Taiteilija), Daria Akimenko (Taiteilija), Nuno Escudeiro (Taiteilija)

Tutkimustuotokset: Taiteellinen ja muu ei-tekstimuotoinen muotoNäyttelyTaiteellisen produktion tai yhteisnäyttelyn itsenäinen osavertaisarvioitu


The exhibition Naisia maailman laidalla / Margin to Margin is an outcome of the homonymous art and research project that took place in 2016-2017 between the three geographical margins: outback South Australia, Finnish Lapland and Russian Kola Peninsula. The project was carried out with the financial support of Kone Foundation - Koneen säätiö. It
is an art and research collaboration between artist communities with the goal to explore the relationship between art-making and empowerment of female makers living and working ‘on the edges’. The project and the exhibition focuses on rendering audible the voices of the artists
through documentation and multimedia artwork. The research views the concept of marginality from the position of geographical isolation and migration. This unique cross-continental collaboration explores and presents art and research processes of women working in different situations across different continents while facing challenges of is
Isolation and remoteness, and despite those challenges. Central to this study are women artists who may transition from one role to another (be it spouse, mother, researcher, professional, teacher, artist, maker and friend), continuously fluctuating between identities to enable their be coming both as individuals and within communities.
One example of a collaborative project that presented multi-layered artefact making and narrative outcomes was the project Conversations with the Edge. Initiated by the Fibrespace Inc textile art group of
South Australia, this project set out to attract a reactive response by sending personal artefacts or notes to artists in Lapland and elsewhere. Thegroup created a selection of artefacts which were then presented to the participants in Rovaniemi and Murmansk. The response to the Fibrespace artists was somewhat unexpected as they not only received artefacts, but also a video message from community to community was initiated in Rovaniemi in which spoken messages were captured and
sent to the respective communities. The narratives of the participants, in both the artefacts and video messages, were constructed around the notions of belonging, home and place. Specific artefacts and messages strongly narrated personal identity through artefacts, their making process
es and personal margins and overcoming them.
Tuotoksen mediaOnline
TilaJulkaistu - 23 elokuuta 2017
OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkinen taiteellisen tuotoksen osa
TapahtumaNaisia mailman laidalla - Rovaniemi, Suomi
Kesto: 23 elokuuta 2017 → …


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