Moved by Nature

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The exhibition was called “Moved by Nature”. The exhibition was presented on the 21st of September until the 14th of October, 2017 at Finlandia University Gallery in Hancock, Michigan. This was a collaboration with artists Taina Kontio and Riitta Ikonen. The inspiration for the exhibition rose from the themes of ancient Finnish and Kalevala mythologies that often personalize entities of nature and the stream of life and water.

My personal artwork was called “Piece of Heaven, Piece of Earth”. It was a collaborative artwork where the center piece is digitally printed batiste cotton textile of 1,4 x 3 metres. Images in this textile represent melting Kemijoki in spring and clouds in the Rovaniemi sky. The textile work was very much inspired by my colleague Taina Kontio working with Riverness, the most beautiful and meditative video art on her family saga related to waters.

I was asking the kind people of Hancock to bring to the exhibition “a Piece of Earth”, a small plant from their homes or gardens.
JulkaisupaikkaHancock, MI, USA
JulkaisijaFinlandia University Gallery in Hancock, Michigan
TilaJulkaistu - 21 syysk. 2017
OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkinen taiteellisen tuotoksen osa


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