Joint Woollen Scerenies

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The Woollen Sceneries began as I travelled to Iceland with our art students in 2016. I could not comprehend the magnificent sceneries and started to examine them through the various colour layers I saw on land, water and sky. By looking through these layers, absorbing and memorizing the magnificent sceneries became possible.
When I looked and walked around, I also found the same colours in various Icelandic yarn stores. Shelves filled with local wool had the exact colours I’d seen in nature. I carefully picked the colour yarn that represented the landscapes etched into my mind.
I have found knitting a shared tradition in all the remote northern locations I’ve visited. Knitting connected me to the place, and incorporating the sceneries into my mittens helped me to process the journey and warm my hands as well as my mind.
Now the process of woollen sceneries continues into collaborative knitting. The repetitive rhythm of knitting can create a space for dialogue and a moment of rest in of our hectic lives. I am looking for people to sit with me to knit their sceneries and tell their stories. These individual knitted artefacts will form one shared scenery that represents the moment spent together sharing memories of places, mental or physical, and having new meaningful encounters with other knitters.
JulkaisijaTate Liverpool
TilaJulkaistu - 12 helmik. 2018
OKM-julkaisutyyppiF1 Julkinen itsenäinen taiteellinen tuotos tai yksityisnäyttely


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