Intersectional approaches to ecological restoration, recreation of commons

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- Artist talk with Professor Heidi Pietarinen and Dr Melanie Sarantou Melanie (25 min)
- Lecture titled ‘Atmospheric Encounters’ with Prof. Heidi Pietarinen (30 min)

The task focuses on learning that can arise from different sensory experiences through listening, seeing, feeling and other ways of perceiving the environment and the effects we can have when interacting with it. The task may expect you, for example, to look differently to see the and to see what we usually do not see. The task may also ask you to engage through different temporalities (e.g. slowness) and ways of thinking. The purpose of the task is to understand how bioart can assist us to engage with aspects of biomimicry that can enable us to understand our societies differently, in addition to reflect on our roles, both collectively and individually, within our societies.
You will work in teams to explore a way of mark-making within your environment. You can choose any medium within your environment to create traces or marks. Sustainable choices could for example be to explore working with wind or water, to create and document your mark-making. You can document your ‘traces’ with either photo or video tools available to you. We encourage you to explore techniques, such as (but not limited to) frottage, printing, embossing, non-human line drawing, non-human stitching as forms of mark making or tracing.
We also ask that you afterwards reflect through storytelling and group discussion on:
•your choices of methods
•sustainability of your choices
•ethical implications of your choices
•your ‘traces’ and their relation to bioart
•biomimicry and what you learned from it that relates to societal structures and possibilities for autonomy
Please document (method of documentation would be your choice is as well) your discussion. You can disseminate or share your findings in any medium of your choice, either in social media or in a simple folder of which you can send us the link to:
TilaJulkaistu - 4 kesäk. 2021
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  • biotaide
  • Bioprospektio
  • taidelähtöinen tutkimus
  • taidelähtöiset menetelmät
  • muoti
  • tekstiilitaide
  • biofilia
  • biomimiikka


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