Internet-kaupankäynti Ruka-Kuusamon matkailuyrityksissä: sähköistä vieraanvaraisuutta palvelukohtaamisissa

Päivi Hanni-Vaara

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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) creates constantly new possibilities for
the tourism industry. Marketing, sales and distribution channels are evolving
and changing. There will be new practices beside traditional procedures. The
channels of interaction are increasing. From the consumer’s point of view the
accessibility to tourism destination is undefined in terms of location and time.
The importance of e-commerce is high for the whole Finnish tourism industry. One has to grab on its rushing and high speed development and put it to
use in companies. In this study e-commerce is tackled by looking into the
changes it brings along as well to the challenges of development it brings to
the companies in the tourism business. In this study the subject is approached through sales in which the interaction between a tourism company
and customer is included. The research informants for this study are the
members of Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association.
The main research question was: What are the volume and the form of ecommerce at the companies in Ruka-Kuusamo tourism region? The volume
was measured by the number of companies involved in e-commerce. When
the form was in focus, the means of e-commerce and its steps of progress
were looked into. Subquestions surveyed the roles of customer service and
interaction in both good and poor e-commerce.
The research material was gathered with an e-questionnaire and telephone
interviews. The theory of the study was built as a model in which were combined several theoretical contexts. The volume and forms of e-commerce
were recognized from the data. Elements of good and poor customer service
were also recognized. Companies have individual differences in visions, in
practices and in needs of development. Involving the consumer intensively in
dialog improves accessibility and publicity. E-commerce creates an easy
channel for this kind of interaction, also from the consumer’s point of view.
Key Word(s) tourism industry, Internet, electronic commerce, customer service, interaction, hospitality.
Julkaisun otsikon käännösE-Commerce at Ruka-Kuusamo Tourism Companies – Electronic Hospitality in Customer Service
TilaJulkaistu - 5 jouluk. 2011
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