Future of Furniture Design? Big collection of small scale models

Milla Johansson (Kuraattori), Anssi Korpela (Kuraattori)

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FUTURE OF FURNITURE DESIGN? BIG collection of SMALL scale models
8.11.-24.11.2022, Galleria Kopio, Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland

Industrial Design Department has organized Furniture Design Models -course since year 2018. During the years approximately 80 pieces of small scale furniture have been designed and made at the Faculty of Art and Design. A vast, curated exhibition of the most interesting designs is now exhibited at Gallery Kopio, University of Lapland.

International exchange students together with industrial design students start the process by analyzing Finnish Design classics. Analyzes reveal details of the furniture construction, target groups preferences, use of materials and philosophy behind the product. Students also study the designers and their careers to understand more profoundly what has affected the design of the specific furniture. Then, students create new furniture designs based on their analyzes. Students comment that “the biggest challenge during the process was to choose which own idea to keep or skip” and that it was hard to “design a furniture that takes into consideration all types of bodies so that it's ergonomic and comfortable to everyone to use”.

Throughout the years students have been inspired by classic works by Finnish designers like Aino Aalto (Chair 615), Alvar Aalto (Paimio chair, Side table 915, Coat rack 109C), Tapio Wirkkala (X-leg table, Bird table), Yrjö Kukkapuro (Karuselli chair, Experiment chair), Eero Saarinen (Tulip chair, Womb chair), Ilmari Tapiovaara (Pirkka stool, Domus chair), Eero Aarnio (Ball chair, Pony seat, Bubble chair) and even younger generation designers like Harri Koskinen (Muu chair, Tukki chair, Block lamp), Maija Puoskari (Hiippa lamp, Terho lamp), Laura Väre (W chair, Kiikka chair, Hide lamp) and Hanna Anonen (Cocktail lampshade) with many more.

After analyzing and creating ideas, students work on mock-up models to perfect their own design. They explain that “Quick paper models and three dimensional sketching works best for the ideation process: it gives insight into what could be, and that there are endless possibilities for an interesting design” and that “I like to see my ideas come to life and make products at the workshops”. After finding the perfect measurements, structure and overall design, the students move on to work with the final model. The aim is also to practice handicraft skills, so laser cutters, CNC´s and 3D printers are not being used. Instead, various techniques have been tested such as bending and molding plywood and spot-welding metal at the workshops. The materials used for the models are mainly different types of woods, plastics and metals. Students have also used recycled materials to focus on sustainability by upcycling. “Making small scale furniture gives you lot of ideas and shows the problems on your design without having to commit on a full size product” say students of Furniture Design Models course. The goal is to make the 1:6 scale miniature furniture so, that it is visually as realistic as possible. Students also comment that “it was surprising to find that even with a little furniture, it takes a really long time to produce it”. Nevertheless, the students have enjoyed learning new skills and say “I recommend the course to everybody who wants to discover more about Finnish design and wood workshops” and that “since we don't really have many furniture design courses, this is a good addition to my portfolio to show variety of skills I have”.

Curator, supervisor, exhibition designer: Milla Johansson
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TilaJulkaistu - 8 marrask. 2022
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TapahtumaFuture of Furniture Design? Big collection of small scale models - Galleria Kopio, Rovaniemi, Suomi
Kesto: 8 marrask. 202224 marrask. 2022


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