Future Bio-Arctic Design (F-BAD): Luonnonmukaisia älytekstiilejä Lapista

Ana Nuutinen (Taiteilija), Heidi Maarit Pietarinen (Taiteilija)

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Future Bio-Arctic Design (F.BAD)


Today, we are exposed to several thousands of chemicals via e.g. our living environment, cosmetics, textiles and clothing, drugs, and food. In the clothing production, almost 7000 chemicals are commonly used, most of them being harmful or dangerous to humans and nature. Harmful synthetic chemicals are e.g. applied to prevent mold growth in textiles. The research is focused on the allergies and skin irritations, but the synergy actions of these chemicals and the long-term actions are still unknown. In this Future Bio-Arctic Design (F.BAD) project, we will focus on finding and testing alternative, non-toxic plant-derived substances with protective properties to substitute synthetic chemicals used in textiles

Future Bio-Arctic Design (F.BAD) is an innovative combination of natural sciences, technology and textile design of the arctic Finnish Lapland area. The F.BAD research idea is to create smart, natural, non-toxic and health-promoting textile material by using arctic raw materials. The functional properties, stability and applicability of tree-, plant-, and berry-derived bioactive compounds
(extracted by non-toxic and recyclable solvents) and fibres will be tested: antifungal and antimicrobial activity (mold resistance), insect repellent properties, UV-shielding and/or color anti-fading properties, the use of plant based dyes and of arctic fibres for textile production (before and after extractions). This way the material applications of natural bioactive compounds can be combined with the textile and clothing design. The research and the material development also includes smart clothes and textiles and wearable with monitoring technology, interaction of a human and technology and user experience design perspective. In addition, the future clothing research and the global megatrends are taken to account.

This interdisciplinary research is based on the strengths and unique factors of Lapland, such as the chemical purity of nature and natural raw materials, high amount of bioactive and aroma compounds found in plants, berries and trees, and large organically-grown areas under the possession of the government. Lapland is a special area, “the natural laboratory” itself, having strong research in natural sciences in Natural Resources Institute Finland; software, measurement technology, sustainable management of natural resources and excellence in cold climate engineering in Lapland University of Applied Sciences; and high quality research in service and industrial design and textile and clothing design with wearable technology at University of Lapland. The cooperation clusters in Lapland own over 40 different kinds of development environments, chemical and physical testing laboratories, real-time integrated 3D visualization environments, learning and innovation environments etc. F.BAD research group utilizes these environments in a new productive way. The goal of this research is also to advance the business actions by creating new value added use to natural raw materials.
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TilaJulkaistu - 22 maalisk. 2019
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