Free Speech and Journalism: a Human Rights Perspective

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Fake news has led to a decrease in the general trust in journalism, journalistic work is actually of essential importance for the protection of democracy, freedom and human rights. According to a 2018 study of the European Federal of Journalists, unlike other countries in the region, Lithuania suffers not so much from fake news or Russian propaganda, but the lines between journalism and advertisements are not always as clear as they could be. At the same time there are notable efforts on media literacy while in late 2017 the European Broadcasting Union had voiced concerns regarding recent government measures which affect the independence of the state broadcaster LRT. In this text the question how to maximize journalistic freedoms while safeguarding journalistic quality will be approached from the perspective of human rights. Special attention will be given to the European Convention on Human Rights, an international treaty which has been ratified by Lithuania. Starting from the essential notion that state broadcasters can also enjoy human rights, including the right to free speech, it will be shown, based on recent case law, how the goals of protecting journalistic human rights and freedoms and securing quality standards in journalism can be reconciled within the framework provided by the European Convention on Human Rights.

AlaotsikkoPolitical, Economic and Social Issues
ToimittajatBronius Katzlauskas
JulkaisupaikkaNew York
KustantajaNova Science Publishers
ISBN (elektroninen)9781536142792
ISBN (painettu)9781536142785
TilaJulkaistu - 9 elokuuta 2018
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SarjaEuropean Political, Economic, and Security Issues


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