Estratégias e Ferramentas Visuais Para Solução De Problemas Wicked

Mari Eveliina Suoheimo

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Contemporary design has extended its borders from the information, product- and service design to solve wicked problems. This article suggests continuing the discussion regarding design discipline as an assistance to solve modern problems as visualizing and solving them. Designers or people with artistic training, because of their creative preparation, are able to present more solutions in a shorter time as well. It was sought to understand, through literature review, the characteristics of the wicked problems and the visual tools to solve them like design thinking, Mess Mapping, Dialogue Mapping, Strategic Foresight Tool, Collective Thinking Tool, General Morphological Analysis and prototyping. It is noticed, that designers should play a collaborative, intermediary role in a group solving complex and wicked problems. This article stresses the importance of collaboration between the competitive and collaborative strategies. It is important to recognize the role of design in addressing contemporary problems, whether they are climatic, political or social. Based on the survey it is recommended future investigations in the area: to improve the ergonomics of the maps; compare the tools designed exclusively for the wicked problems with the ones that can also be used in simple problems.
Julkaisun otsikon käännösStrategies and Visual Tools to Solve Wicked Problems
Sivut96 - 114
JulkaisuEducação Gráfica
TilaJulkaistu - 2016
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