Enhancing community sustainability in the North through valorization of competencies

Nafisa Yeasmin, Satu Uusiautti, Zannatul Ferdous

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Recently governmental policies of Finland are to attract international students and scholars into Finnish higher education institutes (HEIs). And a retention policy has been adopted by the government program titled talent boost program (Talent Boost, n/a). Although refugees and third-country nationals who have arrived and have been living in Finland are the most vulnerable group facing challenges in creating values of their previously acquired qualifications. Getting access to particular jobs based on their educational background is difficult for refugees, students, or international students.

Our research explores how to enhance community sustainability in a sparsely inhabited diverse society through the valorization of competencies of newcomers in the community. This study argues that encompassing new members from different cultures, making the communities of the mainstream society familiar with diversities, and recognizing diverse needs to build trust and reciprocity between majorities and minorities need equal recognition of diversity and showing respect for diverse perspectives of all citizens despite their socio-cultural, economic, and political backgrounds. Multiple needs of multiple groups of people in a community are vitally important for sustaining the societal construct and building trust among locals and immigrants. In this study, we explore the skill valorization of international students and scholars, why and how it is a sign to valorize the competencies of international students, and how this valorization of diverse skills is interconnected to the “community stability” of the North.

JulkaisuMigration Letters
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TilaJulkaistu - heinäk. 2023
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