Emotions and the Service Designer: a Relationship Uncovered

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Emotions are present throughout the service design process for each participant, yet the own emotional experience of designers has rarely been addressed in design research. This paper is focused on the role and meaning of the emotions identified by service designers in their own experiences conducting or participating in projects, and as workshop facilitators. It builds empirically on a qualitative questionnaire examining their experiences of ‒ and reflections on ‒ the emotions they identified throughout their practices. The findings indicate a significant variety of emotions and confusion in determining their connection to the overall process. A clear understanding of the emotions associated with this process could strengthen service designers’ specific skills, enhancing confidence in decision-making, and adding value to their work. This, in turn, could help service designers to improve their professional performance in order to create a more inclusive and user-centered design practice in the context of changing scenarios, variable environments, and human interactions.
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TilaJulkaistu - 28 elok. 2020
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