Designing a Preliminary Model of Coaching Pedagogy for Synchronous Collaborative Online Learning

Päivi Timonen, Heli Ruokamo

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In recent years, webinar platforms have been broadly utilized in online learning where students meet one another synchronously online. The underlying value of this research takes on the utmost importance of the awareness that online learning is a social process, as is all learning. This study aims to find out what kind of synchronous collaborative online coaching pedagogy models have been used in previous research (RQ1) and proceeds to construct a preliminary pedagogical model for the coaching pedagogy of synchronous collaborative online learning (CPSCOL) (RQ2). The methods comprise a systematic literature review (SLR) and qualitative-data and theory-driven content analysis. Through the SLR, peer-reviewed articles spanning 2014–2018 will be carefully examined. The preliminary findings of the study indicate a scarcity of research on synchronous coaching pedagogy in online education. Consequently, the CPSCOL model for collaborative online learning, including cognitive, social, and teaching presence (Garrison et al., 2000), is introduced to formulate a new perspective regarding webinar pedagogy. The process of learners, skills, and competences should factor in the pedagogical methods designed by a coach (teacher), and the findings show webinar pedagogy enables and enhances active collaborative learning and knowledge construction in groups.
JulkaisuJournal of Pasific Rim Psychology
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TilaEnnen painatusta julkaistu e-versio - 2021
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