Decolonial and Transnational Feminist Solidarity: Promoting Ethically Sustainable Social Change with Women in Rural Nepalese Communities

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This article addresses the complexities and dynamics of promoting social change with marginalised communities in the Global South. It also builds empirically on a social work ethnographic study about the change process(es) and development of women’s social position in rural Nepalese communities. The research results suggest that the tools to promote ethically sustainable social change are based on decolonial and transnational feminist solidarity and its different, overlapping forms: solidarity through dialogue, alliance and exchange. It argues that international social work and community development need to strengthen the approaches that recognise and deconstruct white and economic power dominance within their research, theory and practice. The research produces knowledge on a context-sensitive transnational solidarity praxis, which contributes to the discussion on social justice and ethicality in international development and social work paradigms.
JulkaisuThe International Journal of Community and Social Development
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TilaJulkaistu - 16 maalisk. 2020
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