Cultivating relations with plant stories

Bryan S.R. Grimwood, Emily Höckert

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In this article, we seek to “vegetalize” tourism research and practice by storying why plants matter. Drawing on our respective research with cranberries in Canada and blueberries in Finland and Sweden, we present a miscellany of stories that serve to both unsettle and cultivate relations within landscapes and practices of tourism. The stories spin on various themes: from ethnographic encounters to philosophical reflection; from metaphors of hospitality to commodity circulation; from walking and sitting with berries to learning how to listen and engage in speculative storytelling with them. The aim of these stories is to encourage an expansive moral imagination in tourism that invites care-full listening, learning, and becoming with plants and, by extension, other non-human kin.
JulkaisuAnnals of Tourism Research
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TilaJulkaistu - 12 lokak. 2023
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