Creativity with Institutionalization : Cooperatives as an Alternative Way of Starting a Creative Business–Cases from Finland

Riitta Kemppainen-Koivisto, Katta Siltavirta, Rauno Tapio Rusko, Seppo Särkkä

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Typically, creativity and institutionalism are not closely related. However, when talking about cooperatives (or co-ops), the authors introduce, in addition to the paradoxical tension between institutionalism and creativity, perspectives and cases in which institutionalism is a channel for creative production. People often associate cooperatives with institutional characteristics because of their collective manifestations in history, such as agricultural or financial cooperatives. Furthermore, co-ops typically consist of several entrepreneurs working under the same “umbrella” organization. However, according to the outcomes of the chapter, cooperatives could also be a source of, or at least a channel for, contemporary creativity. In this chapter, the authors introduce Finnish cases in which the planners and designers of creative industries have established cooperatives successfully. These cooperatives have already created sustainable paths in their business activities to provide younger and youthful entrepreneurs with business possibilities and at least modest profitability. They also consider neo-cooperatives and light cooperatives, which provide services to cooperatives and allow them to focus on their main area of creating and innovating new business. Creativity cannot flow if there is no time or will to secure large investments and financing, or if the marketing and brand-building are problematic and the decision-making slow. Cooperatives could provide a suitable arena for innovative and creative business if there is a will to change and renew the idea of cooperative institutions, law, and practice.
OtsikkoNationalism, cultural indoctrination and economic prosperity in the digital age
ToimittajatBryan Christiansen, Joyce Koeman
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ISBN (elektroninen)978-1-4666-7493-6
ISBN (painettu)978-1-4666-7492-9
TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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