Creative Connections: The power of contemporary art to explore European citizenship

Mary Richardson , Fernando Hernández-Hernández , Mirja Hiltunen, Anabela Moura, Marie Fulková, Fiona King, Fiona M. Collins

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Across Europe, educational institutions are essential in assisting exploration of politics, culture and history, and the use of creative arts appears crucial to supporting this aim. This article reports on Creative Connections, a multi-partner research project that facilitated exchanges for young people to explore their European identities using online art galleries and blogging technologies. Their multimodal conversations revealed an openness to consider artworks as sources of knowledge and experience. Participants did not focus on the nationality of the artist, but concentrated on the relationship that the subject matter of the work had with their own concerns. Anxiety related to populism, exclusive nationalism, social inequality and new forms of labour appeared to impact young European citizens’ relationships and their perceptions of democracy.
JulkaisuLondon Review of Education
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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
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  • : education for citizenship, visual art education, civic competence, school collaborations, action research


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