Book Review: Shostak, Scott Alexandr (ed.): Russia Corporate, Financial, and Commercial Law

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The legal reference book entitled Russia Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law edited by Scott Alexandr Shostak is a timely publication that provides insight into the legal framework of the Russian economy. The publication is a compilation of contributions by legal experts covering a broad range of issues. The book takes into account recently enacted reforms: the 2014 judicial reform on the merger of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court of the Russian Federation, and the wide-scale Civil Law reform that covered all spheres of issues ranging from the forms of legal entities to regulations of transactions. One definite advantage of the publication is the introduction of Russian legal vocabulary—both in Cyrillic characters and in transliterated form—to enable the reader to familiarize themselves with the official statute text and terminology. The book may be recommended for practicing lawyers, scholars, business professionals, policy makers, students and anyone interested in research on Russian Law and Economy. (Edilex-toimitus)
TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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