Arctic journey: design experiments in the north

Satu Miettinen, Titta Jylkäs, Jaana Jeminen, Heikki Tikkanen, Tytti Marianne Vuorikari

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UArctic Congress 2016, 12
16 S
eptember, St. Petersburg, Russia
Arctic journey

design experiments in the north
Miettinen, Satu
University of Lapland, Finland
[email protected]
, Heikki;
, Tytti, University of Lapland,
This research paper is focusing on describing research outcomes of an Arctic Journey, a moving exhibition
about personal human exp
eriences. The exhibition experiments different forms of concretizing invisible
elements and pursues to create a tangible experience of our Arctic lives. The exhibition aims to evoke
thoughts about how each of us experiences and copes with our living condit
ions and qualities, and how we
relate to others in this sense. The exhibition is a platform for creating the arctic experience.
The works of the
exhibition are a collection from HumanSee
project team in University of Lapland and from the participatory
kshops organized as a part on HumanSee
project. The project is focusing on service design research
around the human experience. Exhibitions study alternative and unconventional forms for exhibitions and
design processes that they enable. This research
paper asks what is the role of co
design process when
constructing the Arctic Journey? Further it asks how the use of multi
sensory production can enhance the
ation of the arctic experience?
The works incorporate both new and more traditional medi
a in
digital and printed form as well as with paper and textile. The exhibitions aims to gather information from
the visitors on how the medias could be used as service design probes or other participatory means to
improve businesses’ knowledge about their
customers. The use of different media and service channels
enable us to study the online and person to person interaction as well as audio part of the user experience.
Exhibition has toured some of the main art and design universities Parsons the New Scho
ol for Design, New
York, Finlandia University, Hancock, MI, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver BC V6H 3R9,
Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto and University of California, Berkeley Campus, CA and Arctic Design
Week in Rovaniemi, Finland
OtsikkoUArctic Congress 2016
Alaotsikko12-16 September, St. Petersburg, Russia : abstract book
ToimittajatOuti Moilanen
KustantajaUniversity of the Arctic
TilaJulkaistu - 2016
OKM-julkaisutyyppiB3 Vertaisarvioimaton konferenssiartikkeli
TapahtumaUArctic Congress 2016 - St. Petersburg, Venäjä
Kesto: 12 syysk. 201616 syysk. 2016


KonferenssiUArctic Congress 2016
KaupunkiSt. Petersburg,


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