A systematic literature review of teacher scaffolding in game-based learning in primary education

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In recent years, research interest in games in education has experienced continuous growth. However, although prior reviews in this context have generally focused on providing an overview of research trends and the impact of game-based learning on education, they have failed to provide noncrucial information on teacher scaffolding strategies used in the different stages of game-based learning and its related effects on students' learning in primary education. By conducting a systematic search of databases, the current review examines recent empirical studies, ranging from 2011 to the end of March 2022, that implemented game-based learning in primary education settings. Twenty-four relevant papers were selected by deploying a four-phase PRISMA framework. This review identified different teacher scaffolding strategies that are used in teacher–student interactions during the orientation and gameplay stages, and their correlative influence on students’ learning. These findings can help teachers, teacher educators, and game developers in designing and developing improved game-based learning. The requirement for more research to investigate the use of teacher scaffolding in teacher–student interactions within the game-based learning process in primary education is emphasized. Furthermore, recommendations are offered for the future implementation of teacher scaffolding in game-based learning research.
JulkaisuEducational Research Review
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TilaJulkaistu - 2023
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