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MediaRoboLit 65+ focuses on the potential challenges of the present mediatized and digitalized information environment for citizens over 65 years of age, who may lack adequate media and robot literacies to support their lifelong learning, well-being, and participation in
society. To use the increasing amount of information disseminated through media, citizens need media literacies: competencies in accessing, evaluating, and creating media messages across a variety of contexts. In this project, robots are considered the next new media as they are becoming more popular as providers of information and services. The increasing use of robots requires citizens to have robot literacy, that is, competences to understand and interact with robots.

The scientific objective is to co-produce a novel theoretical conceptualization of media literacies, and new information about the nature, scope, and practices of the media and robot literacies of people 65+ living in Finland and their related instruction and support needs. The project targets the dimensions of media literacies that are particularly significant for this population, such as news literacy, health media literacy, and robot literacy. The most pressing societal need is to understand and support the media and robot literacies of people in the most vulnerable life situations. Thus, the project is inclusive of the oldest population, residents of sparsely populated areas, older Sámi people, and older people with health issues, illnesses, and disabilities.

The project will gather rich qualitative and quantitative data through media use journals, biographical stories, national surveys, focus group discussions, observations, existing materials, interviews, and log data. The project’s understanding of media literacies was inspired by sociocultural approaches to literacies and learning, gerontological insights of diversity, and positive aspects and strengths related to old age. It applies a strength-based approach to media literacies, meaning that the existing strengths, successes, interests, media preferences, and resources of people 65+ are studied and recognized. The results of MediaRoboLit 65+ will help decision-makers and stakeholders plan and implement legislation, policies, instructional and support practices, materials, and awareness-raising activities aimed at strengthening older people’s media and robot literacies and, consequently, their lifelong learning, well-being, and participation in society.
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