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Value Co-creation in Agile Project Development project (APD) is a joint multi-disciplinary research project between Finnish firms and organizations, University of Oulu (Industrial Engineering and Management), University of Lapland (Faculty of Law), Stanford University (Global Projects Center, GPC) and RMIT University (Property Construction and Project Management). The multi-disciplinary APD project combines research disciplines of project management within industrial engineering and management, law, communication studies within social science and agent-based social simulation and modeling. Aligning contracts, communication, law and flexible project development methods enhances value creation in agile project developments.

The ultimate goals of the APD research project are to develop efficient and effective project management practices for multi-stakeholder agile project set-ups in different industry sectors, cross-fertilize best flexible project development practices between these sector and to bring the key lessons from the “leading edge” agile project implementations and from the top international project management research into the projects in which Finnish companies and organizations are involved.
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