Suomen puheenjohtajuus arktisessa neuvostossa kasvaneen epävarmuuden aikakaudella

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The project is a part of Government’s Government’s Analysis, Assessment and Research Activities. It is carried out by a consortium of the Arctic Centre, Finnish Institute of International Affairs and the Finnish Environment Institute, from March 2016 to December 2018.

The general objective of the project is for the officials responsible for Arctic affairs throughout the Finnish government to be equipped in more updated, relevant, straightforward, user-friendly and trustworthy information regarding political-economic situation in the Arctic region. This comprises two specific objectives:

1. Provide background information on political-economic situation in the Arctic supporting the preparations to the Arctic Council chairmanships (including the identifications of priorities by the government) (2016)
2. Provide on-demand expert support during the period of implementation of Finland’s Arctic Council chairmanship and its priorities (2017-2018)

The deliverables include a background report produced in the first months of the project. It is followed by specific reports and policy papers on issues of particular interest for the Prime Minister’s Office and ministries officials (including Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic, and the synergies between the EU’s Arctic policy and Nordic cooperation venues). The deliverables are built on compilation, analysis and updating of existing studies, reports and assessments, many of which have been produced by members of the project team or within their respective institutions. This will be supplemented by legal research and analysis and, where necessary, supporting interviews with policy-makers, stakeholders or key business actors. Such an iterative, open process, involving directly both policy-makers and stakeholders is a chief feature of projects’ methodology.
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