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The Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland is leader of a project supporting the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) in assessing the on-going implementation of the European Union’s Arctic policy. The “EU Arctic Policy Assessment” project is carried out by a consortium composed of the University of Lapland, Arctic Portal from Iceland, Alfred Wegener Institute from Germany and a number of subcontractors.

The main task of the Arctic Centre together with the consortium is to help the European Commission and the EEAS in organizing a series of seminars in Brussels. During these events, different stakeholders from the Arctic and from across the EU will share their views on the EU Arctic policy and on the variety of EU Arctic-relevant activities. The team will analyze the results of the seminars as well as offer own expert assessment. The project is also to examine whether a new Arctic communication is needed in several years’ time and what issues could be included in such a new EU policy statement. Moreover, the experts will provide the EU policy officers with an on-going policy advice. The projects duration is 30 months from January 2017 to July 2019.
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