PromoTing Sustainable PRactices for Digitalizing IndigenoUS CulTural Heritage - Global North and South Juxtaposed (TRUST)

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TRUST strengthens research in the Global North and South by concentrating on interdisciplinary groups processing practices for digitalizing Indigenous cultural heritage (CH). There is lack of holistic understanding and of workable solutions for how to navigate the legal and cultural tensions existing with the processes of digitilizing Indigenous CH in an ethical way. Legal frameworks,like intellectual property rights, fall short of offering a regime that is respectful of ethical principles that are central for Indigenous Peoples, while maintaining the incentive purpose the IP system was built for in the first place. To build TRUST we need to further develop the law so that it represents the interests of all parties involved in a balanced way. To reach this goal, the project applies educational methods and research to enable integration of the views of marginalised groups in law and develops socially innovative tools of engagement to promote knowledge co-creation amongst the stakeholders.
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