Maximizing Previously Acquired Competences in Europe

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The overall goal of the project is for third-country nationals, such as refugees, to have optimal opportunities in European higher education. It is part of the Bologna Declaration (1999) and Lisbon Recognition Convention (1997), which aims to valorise their qualifications (degrees) and competences acquired elsewhere according to their own standards, in higher education.

There are two target groups:
1. The universities and universities of applied sciences. At the moment there are big differences in accessibility with regard to refugees with competences acquired elsewhere, not only between European countries but also within these countries, between different universities. We want a uniform, accessible procedure for all refugees and third country nationals at European universities.
2. Refugees and third country nationals. They will have better access to higher education in Europe. The competences acquired elsewhere will be better and more easily valorised by this project, so that access to higher education for third country nationals is increased.

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