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CIBIECO consortium project focuses on the ideas of the circular economy and their practical implementation in two polar regions - Finland and Argentina. The comparative aspect of the project reinforces the question of the ways of 'translating' circular concepts and approaches into practice, their benefits and limits in the context of a spatial and cultural application.

The project's objectives are based on crossing the boundaries between research, education, and local and indigenous economic activities. The multidisciplinary project team conducts research in cooperation with smaller local enterprises in Lapland and Central Ostrobothnia regions (Finland) and Cordoba and Tierra del Fuego regions (Argentina). The institutional collaboration broadens spatial and thematic perspectives of the educational and research activities and strengthens cooperation between Finnish and Argentinian universities. Arctic Centre leads the project. (Consortium partners: Arctic Centre, University of Lapland; Centria University of Applied Sciences, Kokkola; National University of Río Cuarto, Cordoba; National University of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands)

Todellinen alku/loppupvm01.08.202231.12.2024


  • Opetushallitus: 64 000,00 €


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