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Rosa Maria Ballardini is Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Vice Dean (research) at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Law. She holds a PhD from Hanken School of Economics, Finland (2012), an LLM in IT and IP law from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2005) and a law degree from the University of Brescia, Italy (2003). In 2017 Rosa was granted the title of Docent (Docentti) in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Helsinki. Previously – 2008 to 2009- she was a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley/Boalt Hall.

Rosa’s research interests focus on the interface between law (with focus on private areas of law, such as IP law), technology and sustainability. Currently, she also investigates the role of empathy in law, as well as issues related to law as a tool to foster inclusion and participation in decision-making processes. She has written extensively and has led several multidisciplinary consortia on these topics and in various technological contexts (e.g. digitilization, software, digital manufacturing and 3D printing, artificial intelligence, industrial internet, polymer-related technologies). Her research approach is multidisciplinary, combining law, technology, business and ethics via using different types of methodologies (e.g. traditional legal research methods, empirical methods and design thinking in legal studies). She also leds the research group Law, Technology and Design Thinking at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Law (https://www.ulapland.fi/FI/Kotisivut/Law,-Technology-and-Design-Thinking-Research-Group).

Key words: Private Law; Intellectual propertly law; IPR and sustainability; Digital Cultural Heritage, Traditional knowledge and Law; Law and empathy; Open innovation, Co-creation and Regulation; Data Governance; Artificial Intelligence Regulation; Plastics Regulation; User-centric Approaches (e.g. design thinking, citizen science) to Law (legal design).

Current ongoing projects:

- Digitisation of cultural heritage of minority communities for equity and renewed engagement (DIGICHer) (starting on Feb 2024). Financed by Horizon Europe.

- Human-technology interoperability and artificial emotional intelligence (HIPE) (1.6.2022-30.5.2025). Financed by Business Finland.

- Promoting Sustainable Practices for Digitalizing Indigenous Cultural Heritage - Global North and South Juxtaposed (TRUST) (1.8.2022-31.12.2025). Financed by the Univeristy of Lapland strategic funding.

- Indigenous Cultures in Evolution: Governing Rights and Responsibilities through Sustainable Law and Ethics (INCLUSION) (1.8.2022-31.12.2024). Financed by Team Finland Knowledge Programme.

- Shaping, fixing and making markets via IPR: regulating sustainable innovation ecosystems (SHARE) (1.9.2020-31.8.2024). Financed by the Academy of Finland. Info at: https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/shareinnoproject and https://research.ulapland.fi/en/projects/markkinoiden-muokkaaminen-korjaaminen-ja-luominen-immateriaalioik

- Bio-oils based polymeric composites; value chain from synthesis to additive manufacturing (VALUEBIOMAT 2) (1.9.2022-31.8.2025). Financed by the Strategic Research Council – Academy of Finland. Info at: https://valuebiomat.fi/ and https://research.ulapland.fi/en/projects/bio-%C3%B6ljyihin-perustuvat-polymeerikomposiitit-arvoketju-synteesist


Courses 2022/2023

- ONPOOL6B Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

- ONPOOL6E Case Clinics

- ONPOOL15C Varallisuus- ja kauppaoikeuden notaaritutkielma

- ONEVAL0032 Guide to IPR

- OTMEVAL0037 International Trade Law

- OTMEVAL0045 Advanced Copyright Law

- OTMEVAL0046 Advanced Patent Law

- OTMEVAL0047 Advanced Trademark Law

- OTM0013O Master Seminar in Intellectual Property Law

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Assistant Professor (part-time), Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan

1 elok. 201231 jouluk. 2016


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