The X-files Showroom

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The X-files Showroom is a permanent installation that will be on display throughout the CUMULUS-conference. It is open to all conference participants at their leisure. Come mingle with faculty and staff colleagues from around the world and learn more about the international initiatives of our member institutions.

The showroom is a space where academics and researchers can meet administrators charged with facilitating international partnerships on behalf of their institution. It is a space for conversation and networking. In the spirit of the Cumulus conference, the X-files board is proud to showcase the positive aspects of internationalization and incite dialogue among conference attendees. We aim to share our personal and institutional experiences in order to promote discussion about future international collaborations. The showroom has come together as a collaboration between the University of Lapland, the X-files board members, and students from all over.

The main topics and activities of the showroom are:
-culture of the organizing country, with an emphasis on the authenticity of the country, more than touristic attractions.-Interesting figures and facts about the local education system,-Student experiences-Enabling networking & discussion-Designating a permanent discussion and meeting area for new members
1.First installation: Sensorial Finland For the few days of the conference, we’ll be mostly spending time inside the organizing institution with little experience of the outside world. Local students and faculty from Rovaniemi have created an experiential area, where people can listen, touch, feel, and smell cultural representations of Finland.
2. Second installation: Finnish Education A presentation about the local education system is important for anybody who wishes to build partnerships or deepen their engagement with Finnish institutions. All are welcome.
3. Third installation: Student Shorts Screens displaying short movies or teasers made by exchange students during their time abroad, with headphones attached.4. Forth installation: Photo Backdrop A creative background for visitors to take photos with Cumulus friends and colleagues.
5. Fifth installation: New Member Space The X-file Showroom is a dedicated space for new Cumulus members:
-a space where meetings can be organized-a space where new members can permanently display print materials about their home institutions6. Sixth installation: Global Whiteboard Help us articulate what it means to internationalize or to be international in higher education. Share your thoughts, queries, and suggestions on our group whiteboard, on Post-It notes, or simply in conversation with anyone passing through!
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