The Visual as a Pathway to Emotions. Reflections on event volunteer affective autoethnography

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This study reflects on the role of various visual data in an autoethnographic research project on event volunteering. The longitudinal and multi-sited data on volunteering was collected in several events and festivals over a period of five years. The autoethnographic account produced examines event volunteer knowledge and its role in the implementation of events. The research task is tackled by using the concept of co-creation and to further the idea of knowledge in the discussion, the concept of choreography is used as an analytical framework. Choreography constructs knowledge as active doings performed through the body that is referred to as ‘knowing’ in this study.

In analysing the data the role of the visuals became significant in interpreting the affectivity of volunteer knowing. The visual data included pictures taken in the events, a 30 minute documentary film on volunteers at one of the events and YouTube videos on events the author volunteered in. In addition, the secondary data included YouTube videos on event volunteering in general. The visual data gave access to affective and bodily sensations related to event volunteer knowing. This happened by reminiscing own experience through the data but also by observing and reflecting personal experiences compared to other people’s respective ones.
Aikajakso5 lokak. 2017
Tapahtuman otsikkoNordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research
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  • tapahtumat
  • autoetnografia
  • visuaaliset menetelmät