The “Honest Falsehood” of Predictive Profiling

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Confabulation — also known as “honest falsehood” — is a neuropathological concept with an important political connotation. Clinically, it refers to the ongoing creation of a fictional reality to explain away one’s disconnect from the reality. Politically, the concept invokes the ontological anxiety underlying the efforts to overcome the gap between “outside information” and “internal knowledge,” precisely, in the image of a singularity. However, while it stands singularised as a pathology, confabulation could hardly be isolated from our very own, epistemic incongruity between an in-flux present and the necessarily static means of re-presentation. As such, the proposed paper argues, the pathologisation of the “outside vs. inside” gap correlates with the standardisation of ways of overcoming it; namely, in the recursive fabulation of an irreducible yet formulaic (e.g. “territorial”) exteriority. The fabulatory standard is specific to the “society of knowledge” (Blanchot) where human conduct is circumscribed less in the actuality of law than by the virtuality of “the darkness beyond its borders” (Foucault). Rather than being captured in the binary logic of illegality, the unruly human conduct is recursively captivated by the honest falsehood of predictive profiling. The automated mapping of in-flux boundaries, whether territorial or biopolitical, onto the universal language of Code, entails fabulatory normalisation, not least as based on an expansive (i.e. “Big”) data infrastructure. Conversely, the indefinite horizon of “the end of theory” enables both the narrative dynamism and the vocational honesty of the falsehood. The aim is clearly not to deceive but to pacify. Unlike confabulation, predictive profiling suggests an open-ended and certainly normative vocation; it is oriented but to its “good” effects in the real. And, as in every captivating fiction, these effects are its audience.
Aikajakso29 toukok. 20192 kesäk. 2019
Tapahtuman otsikkoAssociation for Philosophy and Literature 2019 Conference: Truth, Fiction, Illusion - Worlds & Experience
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