Struggle over Women: Negotiating Laestadian womanhood in a secular age

  • Sini Erholtz (Puhuja)

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There seems to be a prevalent secular understanding of what womanhood is and different religious groups - in this particular case study Conservative Laestadianism - challenge this understanding in many ways. We witness this struggle going on in the media, where the movement is accused of suppressing women into childbearing objects lacking their full and free womanhood. Meanwhile we hear some Laestadian women protesting against these highly personal secular interventions. Recurring talk about ban of contraception and cases of child abuse within the movement can also become invasions of privacy into normal Laestadian family life. I want to study this from Jonathan Fox’s secular-religious competition perspective, which is basically a universal attempt to explain the relationship between religion and politics. In Fox’s competition perspective political secularists seek to reduce religions’ role in public life on the one hand, and political religionists struggle to increase that role on the other. Fox’s hypothesis is that no matter how strongly a state supports a religion there will be people who think it does not support it enough; and no matter how secular we identify a state there will also be people who think that is not secular enough.
Aikajakso10 maalisk. 201611 maalisk. 2016
Tapahtuman otsikkoPolitiikan tutkimuksen päivät : Muuttoliikkeet, yhteisvastuu ja demokratian kestävyys
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