SEEYouth Closing Conference: Mirroring communities through Art and Design

Aktiviteetti: Tapahtumaan osallistuminen ja tapahtuman järjestäminenKokouksen tai seminaarin järjestelytoimikunnan jäsenyys ja muut luottamustehtävät konferensseissa ja seminaareissa


With the aim of bringing together a range of arts and design-based activities, perspectives and approaches the University of Lapland will host a hybrid conference and exhibition to foster collaboration, and share and develop new ideas in response to the ongoing global turbulence which is impacting most significantly on youth marginalized contexts and their communities. We hope to contribute to the ongoing debates around the value of arts-based research in achieving sustainable change, social and economic marginalization experienced by youth and how we might work together to anticipate and confront challenges which urgently require innovative ideas, methods and outcomes.
Aikajakso30 marrask. 20212 jouluk. 2021
Tapahtuman tyyppiKonferenssi
Vaikuttavuus / laajuusKansainvälinen