Researching through self: Reflections on doing autoethnography

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Invited Lecture in the Research seminar of School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management

In this presentation I will reflect on doing autoethnography in general and as a PhD project. I will address the method generally but focus especially on the practical process of doing research. Autoethnography is based on deep reflection of researcher’s personal experiences, emotional and embodied, in order to comment and/or critique cultural practices. I will discuss, what it has meant to me to “do research through the personal”. What is it to be one’s own research subject? What kind of challenges the method poses? And what kind of ethical questions are related to researching one’s own experience? My presentation is based on a PhD project on event volunteering completed in 2017 and another ongoing project on civic activism.
Aikajakso20 tammik. 2021
PidettyLeeds Beckett University, Iso-Britannia
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