Political Ecology of Arctic Circular City

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The city of Rovaniemi has been selected as one of the pioneer circular economy cities. These cities aspire to become “circular”, meaning essentially to recycle larger amount of waste, and to advance circular economy by for instance generating new business activity and co-operation with various actors including citizens. Moreover, Rovaniemi aims to become the first Arctic circular city. The purpose of Circular Economy is to transform the material economy of society from linear to circular. In critical examination Circular Economy has been claimed to be unclear and ambiguous. (Corvellec et al. 2021). This paper examines Circular Economy as an intervention on the material flows and circulation of Rovaniemi city. The author has been following the aims of Rovaniemi city to become circular for over three years and conducted interviews with the central actors of the project. Other forms of data, such as road map of the city towards circularity and other public communications are utilized. The concept of metabolism (Swyngedouw 2006), developed on the field of urban political ecology, is used as a heuristic methodological instrument, a lens through which these interviews are carefully read. The transformations made on the metabolism of the city in urban planning and public decision-making affect, not only to the dwelling and lives of the citizens, but also to the multi-species communities inhabiting the city.

Works cited:

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Tapahtuman otsikkoAnthropology Conference 2023: Relations and beyond : conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society
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