Perspectives on obsolescence in fashion design

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Generally, obsolete refers to something that is already disused or discarded, or antiquated. In the context of design, obsolescence refers to a state where an object or service is no longer wanted, even if it is functional or in good condition.

In principle, adopting new products requires the abandonment and abandoning old products and habits. Planned obsolescence is a conscious activity that reinforces the signs of product boredom that are still hidden from the consumer. It is an artificial increase in demand for new products and a deliberate limitation of the life cycle of existing products.

One type of obsolescence, the style obsolescence, is most common in the fashion business. Although garments look like they are made to last, they are beginning to look old-fashioned in style, and force the user to replace them with more modern products.

At the same time as planned obsolescence contributes to the continuous development and improvement of products and services, the environmental issues, waste, air, and water pollution have become critical issues. Critical issues also include the working conditions, working hours and workers' rights in factories.

I this presentation I discuss some interpretations of obsolescence, and its positions and meanings in various stages of the fashion product development process. I also introduce the "Options for obsolescence”.
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