PAD, Participatory Development through Art -conference 15.-17. elokuuta 2018

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The Flying Ants and Northern Beauty
Lena Tsueb´s Flying Ants bead embroidery art work (2016) is carefully embroidered with colourfull glass beads on the black cloth depicting aspects of Ju/‘hoansi San beaders´ sedentary communial life in Namibia: flying ant emerges from an ant´s nest after the rains and they are collected and eaten when rain stops in May. The embroidered language is culturally, visually and materially distinctive and unique in the world.
The Flying Ants got its inspiration from Heidi Pietarinen´s and Eija Timonen´s Ice Reflection project. For years, Timonen has explored cracks, figures and colours of frozen water and the rhythm of these elements from on different layers of ice. Pietarinen was impressed by tactile and colourfull qualities of Timonen´s photographs so she started to interpret and weave these images into jacquard woven fabrics. Icy Reflection is a crossing borders project, which open possibilities to learn about textiles so that the designs would invite their viewers to look at different textile cultures: textiles, narratives and identities. The cultures teach us to find contrast of colours and materials within the simplest forms.
After seeing Ju/‘hoansi San beaders´ embroidery art works, Pietarinen and Timonen started to study the complexity that happens in collaboration where stakeholders from different cultural and educational backgrounds, from Finland and Namibia, come together to work around a mutual topic. The design thinking and human-centered design methods offered possibilities to express the local culture and identity, and the dialectics between cultures. The target beneficiaries were San and Finnish women artists who revealed what they consider distinctive about their culture while interpreting the ice-themed photographs. The essential results of the project were interpreted textiles, which were based on Timonen`s ice photographs. The embroidered art works and woven fabrics, highlighted the chosen theme.
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Tapahtuman otsikkoPAD, Participatory Development through Art -conference 15.-17. elokuuta 2018
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  • ice, photograph, jacquard woven textile, beaded art work, multicultural discussion