Narratives and cultural influences told through textiles

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Two Finnish textile designers Marianne Strengell (1909-1998) and Marjatta Metsovaara (1927-2014) and their textile designs exemplify the types of narratives this articles aims to explore. Both of them were internationally very well-known Finnish textile designers. Although both textile designers lived the most of their lives abroad, Strengell in the United States and Metsovaara in Belgium, maintained both their ties to their homeland. How textile designers experienced the northerness in textile design and the international environment and how these matters were reflected to their work. What an international atmosphere and style meant to them? It is obvious that the North America and Central Europe opened up their field of influence and inspiration before and after Second World War. They felt that two countries had more of value to learn from each other than Finland could teach them. Content is drawn from textile designers who worked at the intersection of national, international and cultural influences and used textiles as their vehicle.
Aikajakso9 jouluk. 2016
Tapahtuman otsikkoNarrating the marginal: Seminar: Design can tell a story. Complex narratives and cultural influences told through textiles.
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SijaintiRovaniemi, SuomiNäytä kartalla
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