Local acceptance of tourism-based sharing economy

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Tourism-based sharing economy is extremely diverse phenomenon having diverse impacts. Tourism that is based on interests and acceptance of local communities tends to be responsible and successful. Hence several approaches are aiming to give content to the social elements of sustainability in tourism. Social license to operate (SLO) is a quite recent newcomer to the field. SLO is about gaining acceptance from the local community to an industrial development or business operations. Inclusion refers to the idea of participation and democracy, and it consists of involvement, relatedness, belonging and togetherness. When discussing about global phenomenon such as the sharing economy, critical approach to both local, acceptable as well as inclusion is needed. The aim of this paper is to critically examine inclusion and local acceptability in the context of tourism-based sharing economy. My main research question is, what kind of inclusion does tourism-based sharing economy require in order to gain SLO.
Aikajakso27 syysk. 2022
Tapahtuman otsikko30th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research
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