"Kangas": jacquard-työpaja (biotaide)

Aktiviteetti: Tapahtumaan osallistuminen ja tapahtuman järjestäminenTyöpajan, paneelin, session tai tutoriaalin järjestäminen


“Kangas” ( h: 8 meters, w: 1.4 meters, natural materials, man-made fibers) is a shared collage by Heidi Pietarinen, Noora Sandgren, Melissa Grant, and Anne Yoncha. The work stitches together acts and images from drawings, photographs, and microscopic slides, into a digital jacquard weaving.

Our group is interested in the Finnish idea of “kangas” - a word which translates to “fabric” and “forest type”, de-scribing the intricate enmeshment of species, human and non-human, aerial and terrestrial – in our exploration of “the Heavens”. After collecting and identifying our microbial collaborators in Kilpisjärvi, this piece attempts to get to know other-than-human materialities. We wondered: what are the abilities of these microbes? What are the bridges between us? How did a bacterium first isolated in Antarctica make its way to the air above the Arctic circle, did it travel this distance?

This still-on-going process of understanding involves many translations, moving from analog to digital, and back – with openness.
Aikajakso25 maalisk. 2021
Tapahtuman tyyppiTyöpaja
SijaintiLapua, SuomiNäytä kartalla
Vaikuttavuus / laajuusPaikallinen


  • biotaide
  • bioprospektio
  • jacquard-kangas
  • jacquard-teknologia